Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's Wrong With Your Legs?

After eating lunch with family, we all sat around the house talking as the kids played with toys.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we were still dressed up from church that morning.  My sister was wearing black tights with a very stylish dress.  Son #1 came around the corner and noticed my sister's legs.  He rubbed her leg curiously and asked.  "Why are your legs black?"

My sister replied.  "I'm wearing nylons."  She continued to carry on her conversation with the rest of the adults in the room.

Son #1 looked perplexed and continued to rub her leg.  He kept inching higher and higher trying to figure out what nylons were and why her legs did not look like his mommy's.  Finally, he lifted up her dress to see how high the nylons went.  My sister said in shocked consternation.  "What are you doing??"

Son #1 shrugged and sheepishly said.  "I don't know."

My sister asked.  "Are you trying to see how high the nylons go?"  She snapped the waist band of her nylons and explained.  "They are like your pants.  They go all the way up to my waist."

Son #1 looked at her and said.  "Oh."  He was still confused.  You could see the big question marks hanging over his head.

My sister laughed and said.  "I guess your mommy doesn't wear nylons."

To which I replied.  "Nope."

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