Monday, January 28, 2013


Son #2 has discovered the joy of running naked through the house before and after bath time. 

The other night, our little baby was getting ready to jump into the bath when he escaped the bathroom and began running down the hall.  I watched with a touch of glee as Son #2 sprinted in his birthday suit toward Son #1 and his remote control car. 

Son #1 saw his little brother coming and laughed aloud.  Then, he raced the remote control car back and forth on the kitchen floor.  Son #2 squealed and chased the squirrely car repeatedly.  Shrieks of laughter emanated from the kitchen. 

My husband and I peaked around the corner to spy on our silly little boys.  We giggled with delight and then our eyes met.  Almost telepathically, we communicated to each other that we needed to record this funny, little event.  My husband ran for the camera and video taped as much as he could. 

Oh Son #2...

I can't wait to show this video to your future wife.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running Around with a Rake

Winter has been fun for Son #2.  The leaves have fallen from our tree in the backyard and scattered onto the lawn.  My husband rakes the leaves into piles with his rake as Son #2 runs after him with a little red and brown toy rake. 

The breeze is usually brisk and the sun is slowly descending in the sky when Son #1 and I arrive at the house.  From the back window, I can see Son #2 toddling around the yard with his tiny rake in one hand.  He ambles from one leaf pile to another laughing and giggling with delight.  A slight wind whisks away a few dried leaves above his head.  Son #1 shouts to his dad and younger brother as he runs outside to play.

Inside, I talk to my brother as he relaxes and watches TV.  Then, I take a sip of my husband's coffee and look outside the big window again.  Son #2 is laughing as he runs with Son #1 around the yard.  Sometimes, my little baby takes a tumble but he always gets up with a smile. 

When it is time to come in, I dust the grass off the kids and have them take off their shoes.  Their cheeks and hands are cold but their eyes are bright with joy.

Like a Locomotive

My husband and I were going to the store with the kids last night when an interesting conversation occurred. 

"Before Baby was born, he was in your stomach."  Son #1 piped up from the back of the car.

"Yeeesss."  I responded.

"Then, he popped out of your stomach like a locomotive with a head full of steam!"  Son #1 shouted.

Silence followed and then muted laughter from the front of the car.

Finally, my husband muttered under his breath.  "Sort of.  It was more like he was man-handled out of your stomach."

(What children say amazes me.  What my husband says afterwards makes me roll on the floor with laughter.)

Photographs in My Mind

The other night, my husband turned to Son #1 and asked.  "Do you have a photographic memory?"

Son #1 thought about the question for a second and responded.  "Yes, I do.

"Does your mind take a picture of something?  Then, is it easy to see it in you head later?"  His Dad queried.

"Yeah!"  Son #1 shouted.

Son #1 ran over to me in the kitchen and exclaimed.  "Hey Mom, guess what?  My head has hands and my mouth has a camera.  I can take pictures with my brain!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

While We Were Eating

While we were eating dinner this evening, my husband and eldest son delved into an interesting conversation.

Son #1:  "Mamaaaa!  I don't like things that are red!  They make me go crazy!"

Son #1 made a whiny screech and pointed to the red tomatoes in his pasta.

My Husband:  "Eat them.  They are good for you.  It's tomato not something artificial.  Tomato is a fruit."

Son #1:  "But I don't like tomatoes!"

My Husband:  "Then, eat the rest of your food and pick around them."

Minor irritation could be heard in my husband's voice.

Son #1:  "When I'm a grown up like you, then I will like tomatoes."

My husband didn't say anything but gave my son the stink eye as he continued to talk.

Son #1:  "When I'm grown up, you won't be my dad anymore."

My husband almost choked.

My Husband:  "When you're grown up, I'll still be your dad."

Son #1 mulled this idea for a little while.

Son #1:  "O.k.  When I'm grown up, you'll still be my dad.  And when I have a son, I'll be his dad!"

My Husband:  "That's right.  I'll always be your dad and you'll always be his dad."

Son #1:  "When you're really old like one hundred, you'll still be my dad!  Then, you'll die."

My Husband:  "I hope I die long before one hundred."


Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Into All the Cabinets

Son #2 loves to explore cabinets. 

While at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Son #2 opened every cabinet drawer and tried to explore the stored items.  My husband and I ran after him in a harried fashion trying to keep him from breaking things. 

Round and round the kitchen we went scurrying after our toddling imp.  The tiny imp laughed as we tried to keep up.  From the living room, we beheld his head bobbing behind one cabinet door to another.  Periodically, we heard him goo with delight.  Images of shattering glass filled our heads as we rushed to remove the delicate items.

Finally, my husband and I collapsed with exhaustion.  I dug up some ribbon and tied the cabinet handles together.  At last, there would be some relief.

Son #2 investigated the tied door handles and fussed. 

My husband and I smiled with satisfaction.

Here was a battle we had finally won.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skiing on Daddy's Leg

While visiting my husband's parents, a beautiful snow shower passed through the mountains near their home.  Delighted by the fresh new powder, my husband and I decided to take Son #1 skiing the next morning.  Son #1 is learning to ski and was very excited about our adventure.

We arrived at the ski lodge, rented our son's tiny skis, and headed off to the bunny hill.  One pass down the bunny hill and Son #1 was ready to go up the mountain.  My husband and I were very excited to for him.

Once at the top of the mountain, we chose an easy green trail.  Son #1 was ready to go and almost took off without us.  My husband and I took turns leading our little son down the slopes.  He looked like a tiny leprechaun winding his way through the snow.  Son #1 would sail easily along some of the paths and then run into trouble on others.

Midway through our decent, Son #1 began to quickly catch up to my husband.  My husband was casually swooshing through the powder when all of a sudden our little boy grabbed onto his leg.  He looked down with shock and said a few expletives in his head.  Fortunately, my husband is a great skier.  He quickly steadied our son's skis and came to a gentle stop.

It was so precious to see my son hanging onto his daddy's leg as they skied down the trail.  As luck would have it, I was not able to get my camera out in time to capture the moment.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Standing on the Table

Son #2 is at a stage in life where he loves to climb.  EVERYTHING.  We cannot leave him alone for a second.

We visited Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.  While at their house, Grandma brought out a cute plastic table with two chairs.  Son #2 was enthralled.  The chairs and table beckoned like whispering sirens.

Son #2 began to inspect the table and chairs.  Periodically, he would look up and babble about them to his audience.  Then, he bravely put one foot on the chair.  The chair was sturdy so he placed his other foot onto it as well.  Son #2 squatted for a second in order to balance himself.  Then, he stood up proudly.

Son #2's gaze fell upon the table beside him.  He just had to climb that table.  Carefully, he stepped from the chair to the table top using his hands to steady himself.  He crouched with his hiney in the air.  Finally, he stood up straight. 

Son #2 beheld the table and chairs beneath him.  He was definitely the master of his domain.

Fleece Not Fleas

Son #1 was getting ready for bed one night.  He pulled off his black fleece sweat shirt as we chatted and began to search for his Lego Star Wars pajamas.  While he was searching, I noticed some lint on his back. 

"Hey Son, would you come here please?"  I requested.

Son #1 obediently walked toward me and asked.  "What do you need, Mommy?"

"Turn around for a second."  I instructed. 

As soon as he turned, I dusted the lint from his back and said. "You had fleece on your back."

Son #1's eyes widened and he exclaimed.  "I need you to scratch my back!  The FLEAS made me itchy!"

I laughed and clarified myself.  "No, no, no...not fleas that you find on a cat...FLEECE.  Your sweat shirt is made out of fleece.  Fleece is a cloth.

Lesson of the Day:  You never know when you will get the opportunity to teach a new vocabulary word.