Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ready for Kindergarten?

Son #1 is going to kindergarten this year.  He has mixed feelings because on one hand he is excited to make friends but on the other hand he'll miss Caillou.

A few nights ago, we took him to meet his teacher.  Son #1 proudly packed his backpack with his school supplies.  He walked hand in hand with his dad to the front office.  At the office, they were directed to wall where a long list of teachers and their students was posted.  My husband and eldest son began to search for his class. 

A few seconds into their search, the assistant principal approached and asked.  "Are you ready for kindergarten?"

Son #1 paused his search and replied.  "No."

The assistant principal was amused and asked.  "Why not?"

Son #1 responded.  "Because I haven't found my teacher yet!"

Talking to the Kitty

We have a grey tabby cat that is twelve years old.  She is very wary of babies but has grown to love our sons. 

For the first nine months of Son #2's life, she perched on the top cushion of our couch and eyed him through half closed eyes.  Son #2 barely noticed.  He happily crawled from place to place in search of new and interesting toys.  Then, he began walking.

Watching our little baby walk may have perked our cat's interest.  Slowly, she inched down the couch to the floor.  Son #2 caught sight of her and mewed in his little language.  The cat meowed back and sidled up beside him.  Son #2 reached out with his chubby hand to pat her back and mewed again.  She arched her back, purred a little, and then tiptoed forward.  Son #2 toddled quickly towards her with arms outstretched.  Our nervous cat leaped straight into the air and then scurried away to hide.

The conversation between baby and cat was over.  Son #2 mewed sadly and then toddled toward the kitchen in search of something new.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Bread

Yesterday, we ate a wonderful lunch at my mom's house.  I served my young boys and then sat them at the dining room table to eat. 

Son #2 savored each morsel of pasta and corn that he was able to nibble from his spoon.  He smiled and cooed happily.  I even gave him a bite of french bread.  Then for no apparent reason, he began to fuss.

I offered him more pasta but he rubbed his face in disdain.  I offered him more corn but he turned away and kicked his legs.  Was he throwing a little fit?  Possibly. 

I decided to test my suspicion by offering a bite of bread.  He immediately stopped fussing and cooed.

He's learning to manipulate early. 

We're screwed.

Where Babies Grow

While I was pregnant with Son #2, Son #1 was fascinated with my growing belly.  He would pat my stomach and ask me all kinds of questions about the baby.  One day, he announced.  "I know how babies get into mamas' stomachs."

My husband and I exchanged terrified glances but replied calmly.  "Go on."

Son #1 began.  "First, you swallow the baby."

We smirked but nodded for him to continue.

"Then, the baby goes down your esophagus to your stomach."  He said knowingly.  "Then the baby grows and grows."

"How does the baby get out?"  We asked hesitantly.

"You POOP it out your butt."  Son #1 said as he pointed to his little rear.

I think we'll let him continue to think that for a while longer.

I Know Everything

A few days ago, I sat down to play Legos with my boys.  Son #1 built towers, houses, skyscrapers, castles only to destroy them like King Kong and then build again.  Gently, I helped Son #2 stack Lego pieces together and eventually we made a car and an airplane.

While we created and destroyed our Lego towns, I looked down and noticed that the Legos we had were for children ages 1-5 years.  I thought aloud.  "Hmm...this is for 1-5 year old kids."  In my head, I realized that I needed to get my older son new Legos soon and pass these Legos down to my younger son.

My older son replied.  "Yes...and I'm going to be six soon."

I smiled and said.  "You're really good at making stuff out of these Legos."

Son #1 confidently responded.  "That's because I KNOW EVERYTHING!"

I raised my eyebrow and repeated his statement.  "You know everything?"

My oldest son looked me straight in the eye and stated.  "Yes."

Well alright then.  I guess you do.