Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Evening at the Rangers Game

My mom scored awesome seats for a Rangers game one fine evening and invited her children and their families to go.  We were psyched!

We settled into our seats and became engrossed in the game as the first inning began.  The Tigers were up first.  The Ranger's pitcher began to deliver his pitches with surity or so we thought.  Unfortunately, something was terribly wrong with his pitches that night as the Tiger lineup scored point after frustrating point in the first inning. 

Six points later, we all sat glumly in our seats.  Son #1 peered at the scoreboard, turned to my husband, and asked.  "Why do the Rangers keep helping them score?!?"

My husband and I rolled with laughter. 

Why indeed!  We couldn't figure it out either.

A Morning at the Lake

Early one morning, the boys woke us up, we threw on bathing suits, loaded the car with gear, and went down to the lake.  Did we even eat breakfast?  The only one lucky enough to have extra food available was Son #2.  Son #1 had an apple, I had a pear, and my husband drank some coffee.  We did bring water and Dr. Pepper though.

The drive down to the lake was fantastic.  My husband and I talked while the boys looked around excitedly and played with the dog.  Son #1 would interject comments into our conversation and Son #2 would babble as if he too had something to say.

When we arrived at the lake, we chose a covered picnic table close to the shore.  Son #1 whooped and hollered as he streaked like lightening out of our car.  I carried Son #2 and helped my husband unload the car and the dog.  We secured our two wiggly boys into their life jackets and then jumped into the lake.  Man, we had fun!

While in the water, Son #1 practiced his swimming strokes and kicks.  Periodically, he would try to go underwater and when we weren't paying attention he would splash at us.  My husband and I would get him back, though.

We held Son #2 in the water and he got to experience playing in the lake for the first time in his life.  He really enjoyed it.  Son #2 splashed and kicked exploring the shiny and cool water.  My husband placed our baby on his stomach and helped him paddle around.

Even the dog swam around the in the shallow water after we dragged him in several times.  We had to reassure our pitiful pup that it was ok and that all he had to do was kick all four legs to keep his snout above water.  He didn't believe us but tried it anyway.  Son #1 got involved in the doggy swimming lessons even though we warned him not to get to close.  Doggy claws swimming in water can really hurt when they get to close to your legs.

A few hours into our day at the lake, Son #2 had had enough and settled down to eat.  Son #1, however continued to splash and swim.  He and his dad raced several times.  Then he and I shot cool pictures of dragonflies on reeds.  Once Son #2 finished his bottle, my husband and I took turns loading up the car.  We commented on how peaceful our morning at the lake had been.  Then, we called out to Son #1 still playing in the lake.  "Baby, its time to go!"

From the shore's edge, a little voice shouted.  "I DON'T WANT TO GO!"

Calmly, we countered.  "We're going to have lunch with Abuelita (Grandma) and your Tios and Tia (Uncles and Aunt)."  We confidently thought he would be really excited upon hearing about our lunch plans.


Huh!  That was strange.  Usually, when we talk about eating with Abuelita he is the first one out the door to the car.  Alright, time for Plan B.  My husband walked down to the lake and quietly but sternly spoke to Son #1.  I couldn't hear the conversation but I could tell by body language that Son #1 was not being given a choice about getting his little rear out of the water and into the car.

Fast forward to the restaurant with Abuelita, the Tios and the Tia.

We had just finished a nice meal and were enjoying the conversation.  Son #1 turned to Abuelita and asked.  "Can I go to your house?"

Five year olds are odd and fickle little creatures.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Gyrocopter

One lazy afternoon, I watched a movie while folding laundry.  Son #2 was sleeping peacefully in his crib while Son #1 played contently in his room.  Periodically, Son #1 would come into the room where I was folding clothes and try to sneak a peek at the movie.  I was too quick for him and would pause the movie as soon as I heard him moving towards me. 

I was busily folding the last bit of clothing when I heard him tiptoing in the hallway.  Quickly I paused the movie and the screen froze on a war scene.  Son #1 gazed at the frozen frame in front of him and stated.  "Hmm.  That looks like a gyrocopter."

"A gyrowha????"  I asked.

"A gyrocopter."  My little boy replied.

"What is a gyrocopter?"  I questioned.

Son #1 pointed to what I thought was a helicopter on the screen and replied.  "This."

"I've got to look this up.  I'll bet you're right.  Where did you learn about gyrocopters?"  I commented incredulously.

"I don't know."  My son responded.

I ran over to my computer and did a search on gyrocopters.  As soon as I clicked on the search button, articles and pictures of gyrocopters appeared.  Apparently, a gyrocopter is very real and a type of aircraft that looks like a helicopter but is more similar to airplanes.  It's pretty scary when a five year old can teach you new vocabulary.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Corn Heaven

Last night, we grilled corn on the cob.  The weather was sunny with a cool yet balmy breeze typical of a late evening in our region of the country.  The sun was setting as we ate the succulent roasted corn and talked about our war on the weeds in the backyard.

Son #1's face registered delight every time he would bite into his corn.  His eyelids would close partially and a satisfied smile would appear.  Corn on the cob is one of his favorite vegetables.  When we grill it, he just can't seem to get enough. 

As he nibbled that last kernels off of the cob, he looked around to see if there were any extras.  There on the grill sat my husband's corn.  It had yet to be eaten and the temptation was too great for Son #1.  He shyly asked.  "Can I have another corn?"

I responded.  "Oh no!  There's no more.  The last one is for your dad."

Knowing that corn happens to be Son #1's little joys in life, my husband quickly joined the conversation.  "It's OK.  He can have it.  I don't mind." 

My husband is so sweet to his little boys.

Son #1 joyfully replied.  "Hurray!" 

He ran to his seat to get his plate and then waited for me to unwrap his corn.  Slowly, he took a bite and savored the rich flavor.  His eyes closed as he stated to those around him.  "I'm in CORN HEAVEN!"

Friday, June 8, 2012

Walking With A Cane

My husband had just returned from his trip up to Washington.  He returned with many exciting things but one was particularly exciting to Son #2.  My husband brought home his grandfather's cane.

My husband sat on the couch and drug the cane across the floor.  Son #2, who had been crawling around the living, was immediately awestruck by this new object.  He had never seen anything like this before.  It was so interesting.  There it was...magically moving across the carpet.  Should he go after it?  Could he catch it?  There were so many things to contemplate.

Son #2 quickly made his way to the moving cane.  My husband's eyes twinkled as he stopped the cane so Son #2 could grab it.  Then, my husband slowly lifted the cane as Son #2 held on.

Son #2 looked around a little confused.  The cane was moving upward.  This was new.  Should he stand up?  Could he hold on?  What if he were to bite this new thing?  Maybe a little drool would slow it down.

My husband steadied Son #2 as he stood while the cane rose.  Son #2 let out a little shriek of joy and then traveled the length of the cane.  Our little baby reached toward the coffee table but then pulled back when he began to wobble.  Son #2 experimented with the cane while standing and sitting.  Then my husband tried to have him walk with the cane as if walking on a high wire.  Son #2 held the cane for a bit but then sat down.  He crawled away to investigate other things.

My husband and I giggled at the fun we had just had with our little baby.  Who knew that a cane could be so entertaining?

Picture Day

Son #2 was all dressed up and ready to take his 9 month old pictures at the portrait studio.  He cooed and smiled completely aware that he could charm anyone with his long eyelashes and sparkling blue eyes.  I smiled to myself and thought about how cute he would look in his upcoming pictures.

I loaded my boys into the car and drove over to the studio.  We rushed inside, excited to get started.  We have been to this studio many times and the photographer is wonderful.  She always takes great pictures of the boys and then I'm stuck trying to narrow down my choices.  The photographer and I discussed the background and then she began to set up for the shoot.  Son #2 sucked on his clothes while Son #1 played with the toys in their waiting area.  All seemed right in the world.

Son #2 is a big ham when it comes to taking pictures and I cheerfully reminisced about his 6 month old picture shoot.  Son #2 smiled a full toothy grin and sang.  THEN, I placed him on the floor to begin the session.  Son #2 looked at his surroundings, realized he was not in my arms anymore, and then let out a pitiful wail.  The photographer, Son #1, and I looked at each other shocked.  Was this not the same little ham that loved to have his picture taken?!

The photographer, Son #1, and I tried to distract him with toys, silly faces, and silly noises.  Nothing seemed to work.  Finally, I dug through my purse, pulled out my phone, and played a song called "Under the Sea".  Son #2's eyes lighted up and he immediately said.  "Goo!" 

The photographer saw her chance and began snapping pictures but Son #2's joy was short lived.  He tossed the phone aside and wailed.  The photographer turned to me and said.  "Mama, I don't think this is going to happen today.  Do you want to try again another day?"

I pondered coming back but then asked.  "Were you able to get any good pictures?"

She loaded the pictures onto the screen and we immediately found two gorgeous pictures of Son #2.  I don't know how she does it.  I think she may be a magician.  Throughout the session, Son #2 mostly screamed but she managed to capture two serene portraits that made him look like an angel.

Friday, June 1, 2012


My husband and I were relaxing in the living room with Son #2 when we heard Son #1 shout for help.  His worried voice seemed to emanate from the bathroom so my husband went to check it out.  I waited with Son #2 in the living room and heard this exchange.

Son #1:  "Ugh!  The poop won't come out of my butt!  It hurts!"

My Husband:  "Just relax.  Don't push too hard or else you'll hurt yourself."

Son #1:  "Ok Dad."

My Husband:  "Do you know why you are having a hard time pooping?  It's because all you have been eating is cheese and you have not been eating your vegetables."

Son #1:  "Sorry Dad.  Next time I'll eat my vegetables."

I chuckled to myself as my husband injected a tiny dose of guilt for avoiding vegetables into their conversation.

A minute or two passed in silence and then I heard my eldest son exclaim.  "It came out!  It was like my butt had teeth and chomped the poop out!"

My husband and I laughed uncontrollably.  Stuck poop beware.  Son #1's hiney has teeth that can chomp you out!