Friday, June 1, 2012


My husband and I were relaxing in the living room with Son #2 when we heard Son #1 shout for help.  His worried voice seemed to emanate from the bathroom so my husband went to check it out.  I waited with Son #2 in the living room and heard this exchange.

Son #1:  "Ugh!  The poop won't come out of my butt!  It hurts!"

My Husband:  "Just relax.  Don't push too hard or else you'll hurt yourself."

Son #1:  "Ok Dad."

My Husband:  "Do you know why you are having a hard time pooping?  It's because all you have been eating is cheese and you have not been eating your vegetables."

Son #1:  "Sorry Dad.  Next time I'll eat my vegetables."

I chuckled to myself as my husband injected a tiny dose of guilt for avoiding vegetables into their conversation.

A minute or two passed in silence and then I heard my eldest son exclaim.  "It came out!  It was like my butt had teeth and chomped the poop out!"

My husband and I laughed uncontrollably.  Stuck poop beware.  Son #1's hiney has teeth that can chomp you out!

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  1. OMG. This was gut busting laugher producing. That Son #1 is very silly and even funnier through your words. Oh, my.