Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Phone

Son #2 is completely obsessed with smart phones and tablets.  Too bad he doesn't get to play with them often.  (Hmm.)  Like my husband and I always say to our children.  "You have one very interesting toy and it is called 'Outside'.  Time to go play."  However, that suggestion doesn't stop my youngest son from begging for the phone.  Sometimes, he even tries to trick us into lending him the phone.

Last night, the kids came back from spending the night at Abuelita's house.  Soon after they returned home, Son #2 looked up at me with his sweet, innocent eyes and asked.  "Can I play with my phone?"  Notice that Son #2 does not ask for the phone or your phone.  He asks for my phone.  I don't think he actually believes the phone belongs to him.  I just think he doesn't know all of his articles and possessive pronouns yet.

I hugged my youngest son and said.  "No Baby.  Not right now.  You need to take a bath soon anyway."  Abuelita smirked in amusement and then we began to talk about the kids' day with her.

Son #2 wandered to the living room and began to play with his toys.  Eventually, Abuelita and I got him into the tub to bathe.  After his fun and refreshing bubble bath, Son #2 batted his long eyelashes at Abuelita and asked.  "Abuelita, can I play with my iPad?"

"Sure Baby.  Just for a little while."  Abuelita replied.  Son #2 settled down on the sofa with the iPad while Son #1 hopped into the shower.

While all that was happening, my mom and I watched the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's.  After about five to ten minutes, Son #1 popped out of the shower, dried off, got dressed, and strolled to the living room.  He sat down beside his younger brother and watched as Son #2 played a game.  Son #2 got stuck and turned to his older brother for help.  Son #1 took the iPad and began to complete the quest.  His younger brother watched intently for about ten minutes but then got impatient.  "I want my iPad back."  He complained.

Son #1 absentmindedly replied.  "Wait.  I'm not done yet."

After Breakfast at Tiffany's was done, my mom (Abuelita) decided to head home.  Once again, Son #2 was playing a game on the iPad and was adamant about not giving it up.  I glanced over to my youngest son and then to my mom.  Quickly analyzing the situation for a way to part my little son from the iPad, I said.  "Baby.  Oh no!  Abuelita's going to cry.  She needs her iPad.  Don't cry Abuelita.  Don't cry."

Son #2's heart melted with sympathy.  He shut down his game and toddled to where Abuelita was standing.  "Here you go Abuelita.  I'm all done.  Don't cry."

Abuelita bent down to take the iPad and give him a kiss.  "Thank you Baby."

Soon after Abuelita went home, my husband walked through the garage door.  Son #2's eyes brightened up as he quickly asked.  "Hi Daddy!  Can I play with my phone?"

Silly boy!  He sure does try to work the system.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Accepted By The Family Cat

We have a fourteen year old cat named Sketchy. My husband and I found her while we were out camping by the lake. Actually, my dog was the one who discovered Sketch and her sister (Stumpy) in a tree. They were tiny kittens, not even weaned from their mother. Yet, they had been dropped off at the camp site and left to die. In the dark, they looked like bats. When we took a closer look, our hearts melted and we adopted them into our family.

Sketch is now a  lonesome senior citizen. Her sister, Stumpy, passed away a few years back and we all cried for our sweet feline friend.  Still, we are grateful for the company of our other furry housemate.  Sketchy enjoys our company as well.  She is very attached to my oldest son and likes to sleep on his bed. Son #1 loves her dearly but gets annoyed when she licks his face at night.  He has been having me close the door to his room at bedtime so he can get restful sleep.  Sketch still sleeps on my husband's and my bed from time to time.  However, she has always been a bit timid around the boys when they were babies.  As the boys have grown, Sketchy has slowly warmed up to them.

One afternoon we had a hard time finding our faithful and loving cat.  She is very old so we worried about her dying in her sleep somewhere in the house.  After a bit of searching, a fluffy gray head peaked up from among the stuffed animals on Son #2's bed.  She purred while the afternoon sun warmed her body.  Her eyes partially closed as if to say.  "Don't worry about me.  I'm just spreading the love to my baby boy (Son #2)." 

We cooed at her and patted her head in approval.  "Good girl, Sketchy."  I said.  "I'm so glad you love our baby."

Sketchy bobbed her head a bit and then curled up again on the pillow.  Son #2 gently patted her ears and whispered.  "It's O.K. Sketchy.  Good girl."

Sketchy must have taken our approval to heart because now she can regularly be found laying on Son #2's bed.  I know that she loves our boys with all of her might.  I think she has also claimed them as her own.  Thank you, Sketchy, for being an amazing cat and part of our family.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

You Should Ask Your Doctor

One lazy Sunday afternoon, our little family lay strewn across the sofa, recliner and living room floor.  The kids played with their cars on the carpet as my husband and I watched the Cowboys play the Colts.  At one point during the game a commercial bounced across the television screen advertising the benefits of a certain medicine.  Flowers floated through the meadow as soothing music played in the background.  A dog leaped at a Frisbee as his owner jogged toward the pet in slow motion.  Happy couples strolled hand in hand as the name of the medicine floated across the screen.  While one of the amorous couples snuggled on a bench, a soft voice quickly read over the possible side effects.

"This medication can cause night sweats, high blood pressure, bladder issues, and gall stones.  It can also cause rashes, blindness, loss of hair, toe nail fungus, an occurrence of cancer, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.  Be aware that in some cases, gangrene, loss of hearing, psychosis, renal failure, and warts occur.  In extreme cases, paralysis and death occur.  You should ask your doctor if you think this medicine is right for you."  The soft voice said soothingly.

My husband and I eyeballed the television screen.  I smirked.  "I think I should get a prescription for that medicine."

"Sounds like a plan."  My husband replied sarcastically.  Then, he grimaced as he stood up from the recliner.  "Man, I'm hurting.  I need to take something."  My husband said as he headed for the medicine cabinet. 

At the cabinet, he gazed at the aspirin, naproxen sodium, and ibuprofen.  He called out.  "I don't know if I should take the Tylenol or the Aleve."

I shrugged my shoulders and said.  "I don't know."

However, Son #1 looked up from his game of cars and without missing a beat he suggested.  "You should ask your doctor."

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bomit (Vomit)

One afternoon, Son #1 and I sat at the kitchen table working on his homework.  The sunlight streamed in through the blinds of the window as the Christmas tree lights twinkled in the living room.  I stood up and took my oldest son's lunch box to the kitchen sink.  There, I began to rinse out the empty containers.

"Did you like your lunch today?"  I asked.

"Yeah!"  Son #1 replied as he worked his way through a math assignment.

"Did you eat all your spaghetti?" I questioned him as I began to load the rinsed Tupperware into the dishwasher.

"Oh yeah!"  Son #1 smiled.  "It was really good."

"Oh good."  I said.  "Did you eat your orange?"

"Yes Mom."  Son #1 answered seriously.

"What about your broccoli?"  I asked.  Broccoli is Son #1's favorite vegetable.  He can eat it like candy.

"Oh yeah!  It was delicious!"  Son #1 exclaimed.  Then, he added.  "Do you know what my friend said at lunch?"

"No.  What did he say?"  I responded.

"My friend said that he doesn't like broccoli."  Son #1 reported, shocked that anyone would feel that way.

"Your friend doesn't know what he's missing.  Broccoli is awesome."  I assured my oldest son.

"Yeah!"  Son #1 cried.  "Do you know what else he said?"

"No."  I answered.  "Tell me."

"He said that broccoli makes him bomit."  Son #1 looked at me with a grin.

"Huh?"  I squinted my eyes and made a face.  "What is bomit?"

"You know."  Son #1 explained.  "Like throw up."

"Oh!  You mean vomit.  V-v-v-vomit."  I laughed.

"No.  My friend said bomit with a B."  Son #1 replied in a business like manner.

"Are you sure?"  I asked trying to conceal a smirk.

"Yes Mom."  Son #1 said as he continued on with his homework.

"I think your friend might be mispronouncing the word."  I countered.

Eventually, I did convince my oldest son that vomit was spelled with a V and not a B.  However, I had to prove it to him by pulling up an online dictionary and having him confirm the spelling with my husband.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cortizone vs Curious George

Son #2 has a tendency to get a bit of eczema on his elbows and knees.  To combat the itchy and dry skin, we use anti itch creams, soothing lotions, and roll on Cortizone medication.  After his bath, Son #2 kneels down and examines the tubes carefully.  Then with a huge smile on his face, he picks out a remedy that he would like to use that night.

One night, Son #2 decided to use the Cortizone medication.  He reached down with his little hands and slowly investigated the letters on the bottle.  Then, he began to point to the letters he recognized.  "Look Mommy!"  Son #2 exclaimed.  "C!"

"O!"  Son #2 continued.

"Wow!  What else do you see?"  I asked.

"Oh!  I see R!"  Son #2 yelled with delight.

"Eeee!"  Son #2 screamed.  My little boy furrowed his brows for a moment as he peered at the other letters on the bottle.  All of a sudden, Son #2 looked up and announced.  "Mommy!  It says Curious George!"

"Huh?"  I said in a confused tone.  "What are you looking at?"

Son #2 pointed to the word Cortizone.  "Curious George!" 

"Noooo."  I laughed.  "That says Cortizone."

"No Mommy."  Son #2 said gravely.  "It says Curious George."

"No Baby.  That's not the way Curious George is spelled."  I explained as I ran to his room to grab a library book with the correct spelling of the beloved cartoon character.

Yet, Son #2 would not be dissuaded.  "No Mommy.  That's Curious George"  He said as he pointed to the bottle of Cortizone. 

Well to make a long story short, Curious George won out over Cortizone that night.  You don't need to worry, though.  I'll eventually convince Son #2 that the bottle is actually Cortizone.