Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Accepted By The Family Cat

We have a fourteen year old cat named Sketchy. My husband and I found her while we were out camping by the lake. Actually, my dog was the one who discovered Sketch and her sister (Stumpy) in a tree. They were tiny kittens, not even weaned from their mother. Yet, they had been dropped off at the camp site and left to die. In the dark, they looked like bats. When we took a closer look, our hearts melted and we adopted them into our family.

Sketch is now a  lonesome senior citizen. Her sister, Stumpy, passed away a few years back and we all cried for our sweet feline friend.  Still, we are grateful for the company of our other furry housemate.  Sketchy enjoys our company as well.  She is very attached to my oldest son and likes to sleep on his bed. Son #1 loves her dearly but gets annoyed when she licks his face at night.  He has been having me close the door to his room at bedtime so he can get restful sleep.  Sketch still sleeps on my husband's and my bed from time to time.  However, she has always been a bit timid around the boys when they were babies.  As the boys have grown, Sketchy has slowly warmed up to them.

One afternoon we had a hard time finding our faithful and loving cat.  She is very old so we worried about her dying in her sleep somewhere in the house.  After a bit of searching, a fluffy gray head peaked up from among the stuffed animals on Son #2's bed.  She purred while the afternoon sun warmed her body.  Her eyes partially closed as if to say.  "Don't worry about me.  I'm just spreading the love to my baby boy (Son #2)." 

We cooed at her and patted her head in approval.  "Good girl, Sketchy."  I said.  "I'm so glad you love our baby."

Sketchy bobbed her head a bit and then curled up again on the pillow.  Son #2 gently patted her ears and whispered.  "It's O.K. Sketchy.  Good girl."

Sketchy must have taken our approval to heart because now she can regularly be found laying on Son #2's bed.  I know that she loves our boys with all of her might.  I think she has also claimed them as her own.  Thank you, Sketchy, for being an amazing cat and part of our family.

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