Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Phone

Son #2 is completely obsessed with smart phones and tablets.  Too bad he doesn't get to play with them often.  (Hmm.)  Like my husband and I always say to our children.  "You have one very interesting toy and it is called 'Outside'.  Time to go play."  However, that suggestion doesn't stop my youngest son from begging for the phone.  Sometimes, he even tries to trick us into lending him the phone.

Last night, the kids came back from spending the night at Abuelita's house.  Soon after they returned home, Son #2 looked up at me with his sweet, innocent eyes and asked.  "Can I play with my phone?"  Notice that Son #2 does not ask for the phone or your phone.  He asks for my phone.  I don't think he actually believes the phone belongs to him.  I just think he doesn't know all of his articles and possessive pronouns yet.

I hugged my youngest son and said.  "No Baby.  Not right now.  You need to take a bath soon anyway."  Abuelita smirked in amusement and then we began to talk about the kids' day with her.

Son #2 wandered to the living room and began to play with his toys.  Eventually, Abuelita and I got him into the tub to bathe.  After his fun and refreshing bubble bath, Son #2 batted his long eyelashes at Abuelita and asked.  "Abuelita, can I play with my iPad?"

"Sure Baby.  Just for a little while."  Abuelita replied.  Son #2 settled down on the sofa with the iPad while Son #1 hopped into the shower.

While all that was happening, my mom and I watched the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's.  After about five to ten minutes, Son #1 popped out of the shower, dried off, got dressed, and strolled to the living room.  He sat down beside his younger brother and watched as Son #2 played a game.  Son #2 got stuck and turned to his older brother for help.  Son #1 took the iPad and began to complete the quest.  His younger brother watched intently for about ten minutes but then got impatient.  "I want my iPad back."  He complained.

Son #1 absentmindedly replied.  "Wait.  I'm not done yet."

After Breakfast at Tiffany's was done, my mom (Abuelita) decided to head home.  Once again, Son #2 was playing a game on the iPad and was adamant about not giving it up.  I glanced over to my youngest son and then to my mom.  Quickly analyzing the situation for a way to part my little son from the iPad, I said.  "Baby.  Oh no!  Abuelita's going to cry.  She needs her iPad.  Don't cry Abuelita.  Don't cry."

Son #2's heart melted with sympathy.  He shut down his game and toddled to where Abuelita was standing.  "Here you go Abuelita.  I'm all done.  Don't cry."

Abuelita bent down to take the iPad and give him a kiss.  "Thank you Baby."

Soon after Abuelita went home, my husband walked through the garage door.  Son #2's eyes brightened up as he quickly asked.  "Hi Daddy!  Can I play with my phone?"

Silly boy!  He sure does try to work the system.

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