Monday, June 25, 2012

The Gyrocopter

One lazy afternoon, I watched a movie while folding laundry.  Son #2 was sleeping peacefully in his crib while Son #1 played contently in his room.  Periodically, Son #1 would come into the room where I was folding clothes and try to sneak a peek at the movie.  I was too quick for him and would pause the movie as soon as I heard him moving towards me. 

I was busily folding the last bit of clothing when I heard him tiptoing in the hallway.  Quickly I paused the movie and the screen froze on a war scene.  Son #1 gazed at the frozen frame in front of him and stated.  "Hmm.  That looks like a gyrocopter."

"A gyrowha????"  I asked.

"A gyrocopter."  My little boy replied.

"What is a gyrocopter?"  I questioned.

Son #1 pointed to what I thought was a helicopter on the screen and replied.  "This."

"I've got to look this up.  I'll bet you're right.  Where did you learn about gyrocopters?"  I commented incredulously.

"I don't know."  My son responded.

I ran over to my computer and did a search on gyrocopters.  As soon as I clicked on the search button, articles and pictures of gyrocopters appeared.  Apparently, a gyrocopter is very real and a type of aircraft that looks like a helicopter but is more similar to airplanes.  It's pretty scary when a five year old can teach you new vocabulary.

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