Friday, June 8, 2012

Picture Day

Son #2 was all dressed up and ready to take his 9 month old pictures at the portrait studio.  He cooed and smiled completely aware that he could charm anyone with his long eyelashes and sparkling blue eyes.  I smiled to myself and thought about how cute he would look in his upcoming pictures.

I loaded my boys into the car and drove over to the studio.  We rushed inside, excited to get started.  We have been to this studio many times and the photographer is wonderful.  She always takes great pictures of the boys and then I'm stuck trying to narrow down my choices.  The photographer and I discussed the background and then she began to set up for the shoot.  Son #2 sucked on his clothes while Son #1 played with the toys in their waiting area.  All seemed right in the world.

Son #2 is a big ham when it comes to taking pictures and I cheerfully reminisced about his 6 month old picture shoot.  Son #2 smiled a full toothy grin and sang.  THEN, I placed him on the floor to begin the session.  Son #2 looked at his surroundings, realized he was not in my arms anymore, and then let out a pitiful wail.  The photographer, Son #1, and I looked at each other shocked.  Was this not the same little ham that loved to have his picture taken?!

The photographer, Son #1, and I tried to distract him with toys, silly faces, and silly noises.  Nothing seemed to work.  Finally, I dug through my purse, pulled out my phone, and played a song called "Under the Sea".  Son #2's eyes lighted up and he immediately said.  "Goo!" 

The photographer saw her chance and began snapping pictures but Son #2's joy was short lived.  He tossed the phone aside and wailed.  The photographer turned to me and said.  "Mama, I don't think this is going to happen today.  Do you want to try again another day?"

I pondered coming back but then asked.  "Were you able to get any good pictures?"

She loaded the pictures onto the screen and we immediately found two gorgeous pictures of Son #2.  I don't know how she does it.  I think she may be a magician.  Throughout the session, Son #2 mostly screamed but she managed to capture two serene portraits that made him look like an angel.

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