Friday, June 8, 2012

Walking With A Cane

My husband had just returned from his trip up to Washington.  He returned with many exciting things but one was particularly exciting to Son #2.  My husband brought home his grandfather's cane.

My husband sat on the couch and drug the cane across the floor.  Son #2, who had been crawling around the living, was immediately awestruck by this new object.  He had never seen anything like this before.  It was so interesting.  There it was...magically moving across the carpet.  Should he go after it?  Could he catch it?  There were so many things to contemplate.

Son #2 quickly made his way to the moving cane.  My husband's eyes twinkled as he stopped the cane so Son #2 could grab it.  Then, my husband slowly lifted the cane as Son #2 held on.

Son #2 looked around a little confused.  The cane was moving upward.  This was new.  Should he stand up?  Could he hold on?  What if he were to bite this new thing?  Maybe a little drool would slow it down.

My husband steadied Son #2 as he stood while the cane rose.  Son #2 let out a little shriek of joy and then traveled the length of the cane.  Our little baby reached toward the coffee table but then pulled back when he began to wobble.  Son #2 experimented with the cane while standing and sitting.  Then my husband tried to have him walk with the cane as if walking on a high wire.  Son #2 held the cane for a bit but then sat down.  He crawled away to investigate other things.

My husband and I giggled at the fun we had just had with our little baby.  Who knew that a cane could be so entertaining?

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