Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Know Everything

A few days ago, I sat down to play Legos with my boys.  Son #1 built towers, houses, skyscrapers, castles only to destroy them like King Kong and then build again.  Gently, I helped Son #2 stack Lego pieces together and eventually we made a car and an airplane.

While we created and destroyed our Lego towns, I looked down and noticed that the Legos we had were for children ages 1-5 years.  I thought aloud.  "Hmm...this is for 1-5 year old kids."  In my head, I realized that I needed to get my older son new Legos soon and pass these Legos down to my younger son.

My older son replied.  "Yes...and I'm going to be six soon."

I smiled and said.  "You're really good at making stuff out of these Legos."

Son #1 confidently responded.  "That's because I KNOW EVERYTHING!"

I raised my eyebrow and repeated his statement.  "You know everything?"

My oldest son looked me straight in the eye and stated.  "Yes."

Well alright then.  I guess you do.

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