Saturday, August 25, 2012

Talking to the Kitty

We have a grey tabby cat that is twelve years old.  She is very wary of babies but has grown to love our sons. 

For the first nine months of Son #2's life, she perched on the top cushion of our couch and eyed him through half closed eyes.  Son #2 barely noticed.  He happily crawled from place to place in search of new and interesting toys.  Then, he began walking.

Watching our little baby walk may have perked our cat's interest.  Slowly, she inched down the couch to the floor.  Son #2 caught sight of her and mewed in his little language.  The cat meowed back and sidled up beside him.  Son #2 reached out with his chubby hand to pat her back and mewed again.  She arched her back, purred a little, and then tiptoed forward.  Son #2 toddled quickly towards her with arms outstretched.  Our nervous cat leaped straight into the air and then scurried away to hide.

The conversation between baby and cat was over.  Son #2 mewed sadly and then toddled toward the kitchen in search of something new.

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