Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running Around with a Rake

Winter has been fun for Son #2.  The leaves have fallen from our tree in the backyard and scattered onto the lawn.  My husband rakes the leaves into piles with his rake as Son #2 runs after him with a little red and brown toy rake. 

The breeze is usually brisk and the sun is slowly descending in the sky when Son #1 and I arrive at the house.  From the back window, I can see Son #2 toddling around the yard with his tiny rake in one hand.  He ambles from one leaf pile to another laughing and giggling with delight.  A slight wind whisks away a few dried leaves above his head.  Son #1 shouts to his dad and younger brother as he runs outside to play.

Inside, I talk to my brother as he relaxes and watches TV.  Then, I take a sip of my husband's coffee and look outside the big window again.  Son #2 is laughing as he runs with Son #1 around the yard.  Sometimes, my little baby takes a tumble but he always gets up with a smile. 

When it is time to come in, I dust the grass off the kids and have them take off their shoes.  Their cheeks and hands are cold but their eyes are bright with joy.

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