Friday, January 4, 2013

Fleece Not Fleas

Son #1 was getting ready for bed one night.  He pulled off his black fleece sweat shirt as we chatted and began to search for his Lego Star Wars pajamas.  While he was searching, I noticed some lint on his back. 

"Hey Son, would you come here please?"  I requested.

Son #1 obediently walked toward me and asked.  "What do you need, Mommy?"

"Turn around for a second."  I instructed. 

As soon as he turned, I dusted the lint from his back and said. "You had fleece on your back."

Son #1's eyes widened and he exclaimed.  "I need you to scratch my back!  The FLEAS made me itchy!"

I laughed and clarified myself.  "No, no, no...not fleas that you find on a cat...FLEECE.  Your sweat shirt is made out of fleece.  Fleece is a cloth.

Lesson of the Day:  You never know when you will get the opportunity to teach a new vocabulary word.

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