Friday, December 28, 2012

Poop In The Tub

One fine day before Christmas, Son #2 was enjoying a warm and refreshing bath.  He played with his duckies and choo choo trains.  He tossed the wash cloths out onto the floor.  Son #2 was having a grand old time.

Sometimes, I laughed and talked to him as he played.  Other times, I would browse through a magazine.  While flipping through the magazine pages, I happened to look up and noticed Son #2 had stopped playing.

There he stood, hands gripping the edge of the tub.  His face was tense and slightly red.  He made little grunting noises.  For a second, I wondered what was happening.  Then, I realized he was about to poop in the tub. 


I scrambled to grab Son #2 before the poo splashed into the water.  As I lifted him into the air, I glanced at his rear below and beheld a turd about to fall.  Quickly, I rushed him to the potty chair. 

______!!!!!!  THE LID WAS DOWN!!!!!!

My foot fumbled with the lid of the potty chair as I held Son #2 in outstretched arms.  The lid finally lifted and I swooped him toward the seat.  Just before he landed, the turd fell in an arc to the floor.

I hung my head in defeat. 

Son #2 laughed and clapped on the potty. 

I reached for toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

I guess I should be grateful that the poop had a near miss with the tub and not a direct hit.

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