Saturday, December 8, 2012

Climbing, Climbing, Climbing

Son #2 is learning to climb...everything.  Nothing in our house is safe.  We can not leave him alone in any room for a second before he begins his ascent of whatever is in front of him.  Maybe for Christmas, I will buy him a climbing rope, shoes, chalk, and carabiners.  An ice axe may also help my adventurous toddler in his quest to the top of anything in our house.  He is definitely my husband's son.  Somewhere out there, my mother-in-law is laughing with delight and a tiny dose of revenge.

Yesterday, Son #2 learned to climb onto the couch.  He struggled with the task as he persistently swung his left leg up to the top of the seat cushion.  Little screams of frustration erupted over and over again.  I watched with mild amusement.  However, I was not going to help him. 

I know that climbing is just another step in child development but it is also destructive to my knick knacks and lamps.  All I want for Christmas is for my breakable items to survive this climbing phase.

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