Friday, December 28, 2012


A few weeks ago, we went downtown to check out the water gardens.  The weather was perfect with its cool, light breeze and gentle sun shining down upon us.  The kids were amazed by the waterfalls, pools, fountains, and structures. 

One particular structure caught Son #1's attention.  This structure is named The Mountain.  The Mountain juts into the air with its narrow ledges that are tempting for anyone to climb.  My husband, Son #1, Son #1's Tio, and I gave in quickly to the temptation and scaled the ledges to the top.

At the top, Son #1 raced across the peaks with joy.  His Tia, who had climbed up a gentler slope, warned him to be careful.  My husband chased Son #1 up and down one of the slopes as he laughed and screamed. 

Soon, it was time to explore more of the garden.  Most of the group slowly made their way down The Mountain ledges.  Son #1 was not so cautious.  He hopped from ledge to ledge without a care in the world. 

Tia chided.  "Be careful.  You don't want to fall and hurt yourself."

Son #1 confidently responded.  "It's OK.  I'VE GOT SKILLS."

Then with the grace of Dall Sheep on Alaskan mountains, Son #1 danced down the rest of The Mountain.

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