Friday, December 14, 2012

Silly Humans

Son #2 has learned to clap and wave. 

One Saturday afternoon while spending time with our extended family, Son #2 decided he would show off his new skills.  His eyes sparkled as he stood to clap.  Instantaneously, everyone in the room joined him in clapping and cheered for his new found skill.  Son #2 beamed with pride and babbled about his accomplishment. 

A few moments later, Son #2 began to clap again.  Once again, we joined him clapping and cheering.  Son #2 chattered and laughed. 

Seconds after his big clapping bonanza, Son #2 began to wave and say.  "Bye bye."  We oohed and ahhed.  Then, we began to wave as well. 

Realizing his awesome power over us, Son #2 immediately started clapping again.  We all began to imitate his clapping at once until his Tio (Uncle) commented.  "You know...Son #2 is probably thinking. 'Look at these guys.  They do everything I want them to do.  Silly humans.'"

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