Tuesday, January 15, 2013

While We Were Eating

While we were eating dinner this evening, my husband and eldest son delved into an interesting conversation.

Son #1:  "Mamaaaa!  I don't like things that are red!  They make me go crazy!"

Son #1 made a whiny screech and pointed to the red tomatoes in his pasta.

My Husband:  "Eat them.  They are good for you.  It's tomato not something artificial.  Tomato is a fruit."

Son #1:  "But I don't like tomatoes!"

My Husband:  "Then, eat the rest of your food and pick around them."

Minor irritation could be heard in my husband's voice.

Son #1:  "When I'm a grown up like you, then I will like tomatoes."

My husband didn't say anything but gave my son the stink eye as he continued to talk.

Son #1:  "When I'm grown up, you won't be my dad anymore."

My husband almost choked.

My Husband:  "When you're grown up, I'll still be your dad."

Son #1 mulled this idea for a little while.

Son #1:  "O.k.  When I'm grown up, you'll still be my dad.  And when I have a son, I'll be his dad!"

My Husband:  "That's right.  I'll always be your dad and you'll always be his dad."

Son #1:  "When you're really old like one hundred, you'll still be my dad!  Then, you'll die."

My Husband:  "I hope I die long before one hundred."


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