Monday, January 28, 2013


Son #2 has discovered the joy of running naked through the house before and after bath time. 

The other night, our little baby was getting ready to jump into the bath when he escaped the bathroom and began running down the hall.  I watched with a touch of glee as Son #2 sprinted in his birthday suit toward Son #1 and his remote control car. 

Son #1 saw his little brother coming and laughed aloud.  Then, he raced the remote control car back and forth on the kitchen floor.  Son #2 squealed and chased the squirrely car repeatedly.  Shrieks of laughter emanated from the kitchen. 

My husband and I peaked around the corner to spy on our silly little boys.  We giggled with delight and then our eyes met.  Almost telepathically, we communicated to each other that we needed to record this funny, little event.  My husband ran for the camera and video taped as much as he could. 

Oh Son #2...

I can't wait to show this video to your future wife.

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