Friday, January 4, 2013

Standing on the Table

Son #2 is at a stage in life where he loves to climb.  EVERYTHING.  We cannot leave him alone for a second.

We visited Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.  While at their house, Grandma brought out a cute plastic table with two chairs.  Son #2 was enthralled.  The chairs and table beckoned like whispering sirens.

Son #2 began to inspect the table and chairs.  Periodically, he would look up and babble about them to his audience.  Then, he bravely put one foot on the chair.  The chair was sturdy so he placed his other foot onto it as well.  Son #2 squatted for a second in order to balance himself.  Then, he stood up proudly.

Son #2's gaze fell upon the table beside him.  He just had to climb that table.  Carefully, he stepped from the chair to the table top using his hands to steady himself.  He crouched with his hiney in the air.  Finally, he stood up straight. 

Son #2 beheld the table and chairs beneath him.  He was definitely the master of his domain.

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