Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skiing on Daddy's Leg

While visiting my husband's parents, a beautiful snow shower passed through the mountains near their home.  Delighted by the fresh new powder, my husband and I decided to take Son #1 skiing the next morning.  Son #1 is learning to ski and was very excited about our adventure.

We arrived at the ski lodge, rented our son's tiny skis, and headed off to the bunny hill.  One pass down the bunny hill and Son #1 was ready to go up the mountain.  My husband and I were very excited to for him.

Once at the top of the mountain, we chose an easy green trail.  Son #1 was ready to go and almost took off without us.  My husband and I took turns leading our little son down the slopes.  He looked like a tiny leprechaun winding his way through the snow.  Son #1 would sail easily along some of the paths and then run into trouble on others.

Midway through our decent, Son #1 began to quickly catch up to my husband.  My husband was casually swooshing through the powder when all of a sudden our little boy grabbed onto his leg.  He looked down with shock and said a few expletives in his head.  Fortunately, my husband is a great skier.  He quickly steadied our son's skis and came to a gentle stop.

It was so precious to see my son hanging onto his daddy's leg as they skied down the trail.  As luck would have it, I was not able to get my camera out in time to capture the moment.

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