Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Animal Race

One Saturday afternoon, Son #1 played with some plastic toy animals on our coffee table.  As he lined them up to race, he assigned my husband and I to the lion and giraffe.  Naturally, Son #1 was the bear. 

The animals raced along the coffee table track.  My husband's lion pulled ahead with Son #1's bear in a close second.  I lagged in fifth place.  The drama ensued as the lion and bear jockeyed for first place.  Sadly, my giraffe fell further and further behind.

Son #1 shouted with excitement.  "Dad, I'm winning and you're right behind me!"

My husband replied.  "Cool son!  Where's your mama?"

Son #1 said.  "Oh, she's in last place."

In mock irritation, I demanded.  "Hey!  Why do I have to lose?  I wanna win, too!"

Son #1 saw the error of his ways and stated.  "Ok Mama.  You're catching up.  You're rounding the corner.  Bam!  Bam!  Oooh!  You wrecked Dad!  Good job, Mama!  Now you're in first place!"

"Sweet!"  I replied with satisfaction.

He's a good son.

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