Friday, October 26, 2012

The Dance

Son #2 loves music.  He loves to play with the piano, the drums, and the guitars.  He also loves to dance and will bounce up and down while looking over his shoulder.

The other day, my husband and I were watching a movie.  Son #2 was running willy-nilly around the room playing with his toys.  All of a sudden, a hip hop song began to play.  Son #2 stopped, ran toward the TV, held the table, and began to bop up and down.  He slyly looked over his shoulder at us, laughed, and began to dance even faster.

Watching Son #2 dance is hysterical.  However, capturing his dance on video eludes us most of the time.  His dance is our unicorn.

Well, we've finally captured our unicorn, baby!  Check out his saggy pants.

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