Friday, October 26, 2012

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Have you ever heard of these lyrics?

Anything you can do I can do better...
I can do anything better than you...
No you can't!
Yes I can! No you can't!
Yes I can! No you can't!
Yes I can!
Yes I can!

Sometimes, I can see Son #2 and Son #1 in a competitive dance for total domination of their little world.

Tonight, Son #1 sat on his little red chair eating his soup at the coffee table.  Son #2 eyed it with utter fascination.  When Son #1 got up from his chair to sit on the couch with his soup, Son #2 scrambled down from my lap.  He toddled to the chair and climbed up onto it.

There he sat perched like a cat on a tree limb waiting for the next bird to fly by.  He shifted his weight from leg to leg debating whether to stand up and walk on the table. 

Son #1 sat down beside him on the floor.  He and his little brother chatted in their little language.  Son #2 was getting a little wobbly on the red chair, so I asked for a favor.  "Son #1, could you get your little brother off the chair?"

Son #1 obediently and carefully lifted his baby brother from the red chair to the floor.  At first, Son #2 smiled and cooed but then Son #1 sat down in his chair.  Son #2 was incensed.  He let out a sharp scream to which Son #1 replied.  "No, baby bro!"

Son #2 screamed again.  Son #1 said loudly.  "No, baby bro!"

They went back and forth for a time until I could not take it any longer.  I said.  "Son #1, if you will get up, I will take your chair to your room."  Son #1 scrambled to the couch and I quickly scooped the red chair from the floor.  I walked quickly to the room with Son #2 close on my heels.  He let out one final scream as I popped the chair out of his reach.  He stretched his hand towards the elusive chair but was prohibited from grasping it by the almighty Baby Gate. 

Ah, little boys, you have the song all wrong.  It goes like this.

Anything either one of you can do...
Mommy always does better...
Heh heh!

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