Thursday, October 4, 2012

Star of the Day!

The other day, Son #1 came home and announced that he was the STAR OF THE DAY!!!!  I'm so proud of Son #1.  You have to understand that Son #1 is a wild man and being Star of the Day is huge for him.

He and his dad celebrated with Frosties.  It was a big day.  The next day, we celebrated a little more with popsicles.  The day after that, we celebrated even more by making gingerbread men.  He was one happy little son.  We were incredibly happy parents.

The celebrations were not entirely without an ulterior motive.  Subliminally and not so subliminally, we were implanting his mind with this idea: 

Listen and obey and we'll celebrate all day.  Monkeying around just doesn't pay.


(ha ha)

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