Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Toothbrush Fascination

Son #2 has eight baby teeth.  He also has a Lightening McQueen toothbrush.  Very fancy!  Son #2 is learning to brush his teeth.  Most of the time he just sucks on his toothbrush.

The other day while straightening up the bathroom, I handed my little baby his toothbrush.  He admired it for a time and then stuck it into his mouth.  As he sucked on his toothbrush, he toddled around the bathroom and patted various items.  The items he investigated around the bathroom did have some allure to them but he was always drawn back to his toothbrush.

I had just finished tidying up.  I knelt down and smiled at Son #2.  Then, I stuck out my hand to retrieve the toothbrush and said.  "My turn."

Son #2 eyed me with suspicion and back away.  I lightly placed my hand on the toothbrush and chided.  "Son, I have to put the toothbrush away."

Son #2 held on tightly to his toothbrush and pouted.  I gently took the toothbrush from his little hands and said.  "Let's go play with some toys."

Son #2 did not like my idea at all and began to cry.  I hugged him and carried him to his room.  We sat down on the rug and tried to find a toy that was more interesting than his toothbrush.  Son #2 tossed every toy that I handed him away.  Finally, I stood up and said.  "Baby, you can't run around the house with a toothbrush in your mouth all day long."

To that Son #2 replied.  "Ba."  (Translation:  Bottle)

I guess Son #2 has figured out that he can run around with a "Ba" in his mouth.

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