Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bye Squeaky

Son #2 is wearing shoes when he walks.

One early morning, we put on a pair of new summery shoes.  He bent over to admire them and then took his first tentative steps.  His shoes squeaked.  Son #2 stopped and investigated them again.  He stood and took a few more steps.




Son #2 laughed as he ran all over the house.  It wasn't a regular sprint either.  Son #2 was purposefully stomping as he ran causing his shoes to squeak with intensity.

Fifteen to twenty minutes of nonstop squeaking passed.  A sweaty little baby raced from room to room shrieking with joy.  While all this ruckus was happening, our eldest son was getting ready to go to school.

Son #1 grabbed his backpack and lunch bag.  He followed his dad to the garage door.  Just before he walked through the door, Son #1 turned to his younger brother and shouted.  "BYE SQUEAKY!"

Son #2 stopped and grinned at his brother.  Then with a squeal of laughter, he was off again.

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