Saturday, September 15, 2012

"What are you doing?"

Son #2 is talking in phrases now.  He speaks in baby talk but if you listen closely you can make out what he is saying.

One day, my husband was talking to his parents on the phone.  Son #2 and I walked into the room and joined the conversation.  My husband told his parents.  "Mom. Dad.  Son #2 is talking a lot now.  Do you guys want to talk to him?"

His parents were delighted and excited to talk to their youngest grandson.  They began to chat with him at once.  Son #2's eyes lit up and he tried to grab the phone.

He quietly listened to his Grandma and Grandpa, periodically interjecting with goos and one word phrases.  Then he spoke into the phone as seriously as he could.  "What are you doing?"

My husband's parents were stunned at Son #2's big sentence.  However, they were only stunned for a moment.  After the moment had passed, they quickly answered his question.  Son #2 grinned and tried to grab the phone once again.

Son #2 has discovered the art, the joy, and the power of conversation.  Though he is a quiet baby, he uses his words to his advantage.

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