Monday, September 17, 2012

Phrase of the Day: Bean Poo

Son #2 is talking in phrases and repeats new words each day.

Just before lunch, my husband and I noticed Son #2 had a really stinky diaper.  We said to Son #2.  "Change you.  Time to change you."

Son #2 agreed and toddled to his room after us to be changed.  He protested a bit while he lay there but then calmed down while we worked as a team doing diaper duty.

I commented to my husband.  "Hmm...looks like bean poo."

My husband grimaced and said.  "Man, that's gross."

From below, we heard a tiny voice say.  "Bean poo."

Fantastic.  Son #2's new phrase for the day is "bean poo". 

Can anyone direct us to the place where they hand out Parents of the Year Awards?

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