Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dancing after the Concert

Son #2 was fast asleep in my husband's arms when I got up to dance with Son #1.

The concert was done.  The band was relaxing.  The roadies were packing the equipment.  Club music blared from the speakers on the stage below.  People from the audience perused the stands selling t-shirts, conversed with their friends, milled about in front of the coffee shop, and danced on the dance floor.  On the balcony, we began to dance as well.

We were having a fun and rowdy time.  Son #1 was moving to the music when all of a sudden he broke out into "The Robot".  It was a really fantastic version of "The Robot" and the crowd we were in parted to watch him dance it.  We cheered and laughed.

Son #1, you are a wiggly and groovy little dude!

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