Saturday, September 29, 2012

Snowball's Eye

One evening, Son #1 and I went door to door selling goodies for a school fundraiser.  He knocked on one particular door in our neighborhood and began to go through his spiel.  Our neighbor listened with interest and amusement. 

Son #1 pointed to the pictures on the front of the catalog and explained.  "We're selling cookies and pies and more yummy cookies and pretzels and I don't know what this one is."

The neighbor asked to see the catalog and began to search for something to buy.  Just then, her two cats walked up the door.  They were very friendly kitties and Son #1 began to play with them. 

Our neighbor introduced them.  "This kitty is Snowball and the other is Tigger."

Son #1 was enchanted.  He scratched the kitties' ears and patted their backs.  Then he turned to our neighbor and asked.  "What happened to Snowball's eye?"  Our neighbor didn't know but lamented with Son #1 about how sad she was for Snowball.

Later, as we walked to the next house, Son #1 sighed thoughtfully.  "Poor kitty.  I hope Snowball's eye grows back."

Heh heh.  Me too.  Though, that would be pretty weird.

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