Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Cat's Tail

Son #2 loves our cat, Sketchy, and she feels the same about him.  However, Sketchy is a bit reluctant to be out in the open when he is awake.  Usually, you can find her hiding in a corner sleeping the day away.  Now, she does sound like an incredibly lazy cat but you have to know that she is twelve years old.  She is getting close to kitty retirement and AARP age.

Today, Sketchy felt adventurous and came out of hiding to say hello to Son #2 and her best friend, the dog.  Son #2 had been patting the dog's nose when Sketchy slinked over and nuzzled the dog's leg.  The dog and Sketchy put their noses together while Son #2 cooed and babbled. 

Sketchy turned her attention to Son #2.  She purred and sniffed at him.  Delighted, Son #2 reached out to pat her head.  Sketchy was too quick for him and trotted a little ways away.  Son #2 turned after her and saw her tail move.  She eyed him from a sideways glance and then trotted a couple more steps.  Son #2 toddled after her and tried to step on her tail. 

You could almost read Sketchy's thoughts.  "Over here little baby.  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Watch out for the tail."  She raised her nose toward Son #2's outstretched hand and let him pat her for a second. 

Sketchy trotted forward a few more steps.  Her enchanting tail switched back and forth.  Son #2 tried to step on it again.  Sketchy's eyes seemed to say.  "Little baby, you're pushing your luck."  Son #2 payed no attention to her angry eyes and tried to grab the wiggly tail.  With a hop and a bounce, Sketchy skittered behind the couch.  Son #2 mewed sadly after her.

Sorry little son.  Kitties just don't like babies or anyone grabbing their tails.

Sketchy with her sister Stumpy (may Stumpy rest in peace)

Our dog "New Socks"...

Not to be confused with my best doggy friend "Old Socks"
(may he also rest in peace)

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