Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Reprimand

This weekend, we spent time with family and friends while waiting for a concert at the Firefly Stage.  My husband and his brother were deep in discussion.  My sister in-law and I were laughing over some hysterical topic.  Son #2 was in the process of tossing toys from his play pen.  Son #1 was engrossed in a video game.

My husband's conversation with his brother was an interesting one filled with intense analysis and then jovial ridiculousness.  In the middle of it all, my husband let a four letter word fly.  My husband and I have always been careful about using bad language around the children.  We've always told the kids never to say or repeat naughty words. 

When the bad word slipped from my husband's mouth, Son #1 turned around in dismay.  His face wrinkled into a frown and he reprimanded loudly.  "Daddy!  You said a bad word!  Say sorry to God!"

Reprimands from a five year old can be obnoxious.  He is a self righteous little thing.  However, we were secretly proud he keeps his language clean.

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