Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flowers for Abuelita

My mom's birthday was a little while ago.  Son #1 and I decided that we would surprise her with ice cream and flowers.  We went to the store and perused the frozen desert aisle.  Son #1 wanted to get vanilla ice cream but I knew that my mom (a.k.a. Abuelita) really loves caramel and chocolate.  Son #1 and I found a truly decadent ice cream with caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and other deliciousness.  Success!  We were confident that she would love it.

Next, we moved on to find flowers.  I looked at Son #1 and asked.  "What flowers should we get for Abuelita?"

Son #1 pondered the question for a moment and then seriously replied.  "I don't know, Mama."

I bit my lip in mildly deep thought.  "What's your favorite color of flowers?"

Son #1 smiled and pointed to a bouquet of deep maroon/purple daisies.  We both agreed the bouquet was beautiful and got them immediately. 

On our way to Abuelita's house, we excitedly chattered about our little surprise.  When we arrived, Son #1 ran to the door and rang the doorbell several times.  Abuelita answered the door, gave us huge hugs, and then examined her surprise with delight.  The flowers were placed into one of the many pretty vases my dad had bought for her throughout the years.  Then, we all dug into the ice cream except for Son #1.  He's not too into sweets but he did go shopping in Abuelita's freezer for a popsicle.

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