Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeff Gord

Son #1 is a huge fan of racing.  Let me rephrase that.  Son #1 is a huge fan of racing anything he could possibly ever race.  He is a mini Ricky Bobby.

The other day, he got to play a racing game at his aunt and uncle's house.  Life was good.  He and his uncle placed the game into the PlayStation.  Then, Son #1 began to search for his favorite race car driver.

Now, Son #1's favorite race car driver has been Jeff Gordon since he was a toddler.  However, Son #1 could never pronounce Jeff Gordon's last name correctly.  We were always helping him pronounce the name correctly.

Son #1 meticulously searched for Jeff Gordon.  When he found Jeff Gordon's car, he cried out with delight.  "Ha ha ha!  I found my guy!  I'm going to be Jeff Gord and I'm going to beat these other guys!  That's right!  Everyone else is going to lose especially Kyle Bush.  I'm going to make him crash!"

I have to agree with Son #1.  Jeff Gord is pretty awesome.

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