Tuesday, July 2, 2013

While We Were Eating Part Deux

This last Sunday, we had "lazy supper".  "Lazy supper" entails some sort of fried goodness while picnicking on the living room floor in front a good movie.  "Lazy supper"  is fantastic.

The kids were camped out on one of my blankets eating veggie corn dogs, tater tots, fried zucchini, and grapes.  The movie had them captivated.  In the middle of it all, Son #2 got up from his place on the floor and brought his plate to me.  He wanted help eating his food so he crawled onto my lap.  Slowly, I handed him bite after bite.  He savored each bite with exquisite delight. 

Son #2 began to get sleepy as he munched on his crunchy food.  His eyes partially closed and he relaxed in my arms.  I gently rocked him back and forth. 

From out of nowhere, I felt something warm and wet running down my leg.  Could he be peeing on me??  The stream continued to trickle and them pour down my leg as I quickly lifted Son #2 from my lap. 

Blasted pee pee!

I had forgotten that Son #2 was in underwear and that we were in the middle of potty training!

Lesson of the Day:  Forgetting your potty training toddler is in underwear can be an occupational hazard. 


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