Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where's Dad?

This week, my husband has been replacing parts on the car that have worn out.  Yesterday, he drifted back and forth from his office to the garage and then to our bedroom throughout the day.  Son #1 tagged along behind him asking a million questions about cars, his bike, friends, and a certain Star Wars game on the computer.  My husband patiently answered the questions but you could see he was getting a tiny bit flustered.  Finally, Son #1 wanted to play so he scampered to his room to build space ships and race tracks.

My husband continued to work on the car and various other tasks in and around the house.  Son #1 was involved in a very intricate race with his hot wheels.  Son #2 was busy tossing toys around in his room and I was watering the garden.  Eventually, I wandered into the house.  All was quiet except for the random squeals of the hot wheels race or the tiny crash of a baby toy.  I turned on some music and started rinsing the dirty dishes in the sink.  Then, my eldest son wandered out of his room.

"Where's Dad?"  He asked.

" I don't know.  Go check his office.  Maybe he is in there."  I suggested.

Son #1 trotted over to the office door and peeked into the room.  There was no sign of his dad in the office so he skipped back to the kitchen.  "He's not in his office."  Son #1 announced.

"OK.  Try the bedroom."  I offered.

Son #1 bounded to the bedroom door and looked inside.  "Is he in there?"  I called out.

"No."  Son #1 responded.

"Is he on the pot?"  I asked.

"No."  Son #1 replied.

"Hmm.  Alright, try the garage.  Maybe he is working on the car."  I said.

Son #1 walked into the laundry room.  Just as he was about to open the garage door, he heard a noise behind him.  Son #1 almost jumped out of his skin as he turned to find his dad standing at the washing machine.

Son #1 managed to say between uncontrollable giggles.  "Dad!  You scared me!  I didn't see you there!"

My husband is a great hider.

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