Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Harry Beary Goes to the Doctor

Yesterday, my family accompanied me to the doctor.  My doctor was having me check in with her after having surgery a few weeks before.  Son #1 decided to take his stuffed bear with him.

On the ride up, Son #1 asked.  "Do you think the doctor could look at Harry Beary and check her temperature?  Maybe the doctor could look in her ears, too."  (Now, I know most of you are scratching your head saying.  "I thought the bear was a boy."  You are mistaken.  Harry is short for Harriet.)

I responded with a touch of glee.  "Sure!  We'll ask when we get there."

Son #1 settled into the back seat of the car and sighed.  "Good.  I think she is getting sick."

When we arrived at the doctor's building, we made a single file trek up to her office.  Once inside the examination room, the boys wiggled on the chairs repressing their urges to get into everything.  Then, the nurse entered the room.  She asked took my blood pressure and temperature all the while Son #1 watched in anticipation.  When the nurse had finished recording the data, I smiled conspiratorially and asked.  "Do you think you could take the temperature of my son's bear as well?"

Her eyes twinkled as she turned to my son and then replied.  "Of course.  Let's put the thermometer in your Bear's ear."

Son #1 grinned and said.  "I hope she's not getting sick."

"It looks like her temperature is normal."  The nurse assured him as she pressed the memory button to pull up the previous temperature of 98.0 F.

Son #1 looked at her seriously.  "Oh good."

I have to say that the doctor and her staff are amazing.  Not only do they take great care of me, they provide wonderful care for teddy bears.

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