Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sandcastle

While visiting the beach, Son #1 and I decided we would build a grand sandcastle.  Quickly, we threw on clothes and ate breakfast.  Then, we sprinted to the beach like Calvin and Hobbs carrying our shovels and pails.  Son #1 scouted out a good location and began to dig.  I knelt down beside him and filled my bucket.

Some time passed and the walls of our sand city began to take shape.  Son #1 was busily digging a tunnel while I constructed a three tier palace.  Then, Son #1 called out.  "Mom, I need help."

I walked over to where he was working and proceeded to dig opposite of my son.  The trick to digging a tunnel that will last is to dig it deep with a wide bridge.  Another trick is to stay as far away from the bridge and tunnel while digging as possible.  So there we were lying prostrate on the ground.  Our arms were in the tunnel furiously scooping sand like an armadillo.  Finally, our shovels met and broke through the last remaining sandy barrier. 

I shouted with excitement.  "We did it!  Look!  You can see through to the other side!" 

Son #1 pressed his face against the sand and peered through the tunnel.  "I can see you!"  He cried.

With our tunnel accomplished, we moved on to designing streets, buildings, markets, farms, and the exterior wall.  Son #1 scooped the extra sand from our buildings, bridges, and tunnels.  He methodically piled the sand by our little lake and river.

I asked.  "What are you making?"

Son #1 responded.  "A volcano."

Apparently this sandy city was a replica of Pompeii.  No matter.  We continued with our project for most of the day until hunger and the setting sun beckoned us inside.

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