Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The T-Shirt

While on vacation at a gorgeous beach get away, our little family wound through the streets looking for a place to eat.  Son #1 trotted ahead with his dad while Son #2 toddled beside me holding onto my finger.  We stopped to look in windows and ponder our options.  Were we hungry for Mexican food?  No.  Not this time.  Did we want to eat Chinese food?  Maybe the adults would like it but the kids would fuss.  What about pizza?  Hmm.  Now that sounds delicious to everybody in the group.

We happily strolled down the main street in the direction of the pizza place.  Son #1 was so excited.  He talked animatedly about getting cheese pizza.  "That's my favorite!"  He announced to everyone in earshot.

Our little band was almost to its destination.  We could smell the scent of pizza in the air.  Our pace quickened.  Our mouths watered.  The pizza place was in our sights.  We hurriedly drove through the crowd of people on the sidewalk.  A clearing in the sea of people appeared.  As I paused to appreciate the gift of personal space, a woman on a phone began to talk loudly.  I am a nosy person so I eavesdropped on the conversation.  She seemed to be discussing directions or locations with the person on the other end of the line.  All of a sudden she looked up at me and asked.  "Excuse me.  What city are we in?"

I turned toward the woman.  She was dressed in tourist clothes.  Her t-shirt seemed brand new.  Obviously, she had purchased the t-shirt in this lovely beach town.  I grinned with amusement as I read her shirt to her.  "Honolulu, Hawaii."

She thanked me and went back to inform her friend of her location.  I smirked evilly as Son #2 and I walked away. 

T-shirts are wonderful items.  They are comfortable to wear and sometimes they help you remember your location.

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