Friday, July 5, 2013

Kite Treating E

The other day, Son #1 wanted to fly his kite in a field near our house.  I had promised that we would but unfortunately there was no wind.  Now, he wanted to try flying his kite again.  Slowly, he climbed over the baby gate and meandered into the garage where my husband was working on the car. 

"Dad?"  Son #1 ventured.  "Can I fly the kite in the front yard?"

Our front yard has a gorgeous, leafy tree with branches that reach toward the clouds.  When we bought the house, this tree was a flimsy sapling with a ring of mulch and dirt around it.  Over the years, it has really grown into a nice shade tree where birds make nests and sing to their mates.  On this particular day, my husband had the garage door open to let in the cool morning breeze.  Our tree cast a nice shadow near the garage entrance. 

My husband looked up from his task inside the car when he heard Son #1''s shy voice.  "Did you say you wanted to fly the kite in the front yard?"

"Yeah!"  Son #1 replied with a bit of enthusiasm.

"Hmm.  That might not be a good idea."  My husband said thoughtfully.  Then he asked.  "Have you ever heard of the kite eating tree?"

Son #1 furrowed his brow.  "The kite treating E?"

My husband chuckled.  "No.  It's the kite eating tree from Charlie Brown."

"You see, the tree ate Charlie Brown's kite when he got too close."  My husband explained.

Son #1's eyes were wide with amazement.  "Oh.  I guess I can't fly my kite in the front yard because of the kite treating E."

"You mean the Kite Eating Tree."  My husband corrected.

"Uh...yeah."  With that, Son #1 hopped over the baby gate and down the hall to his room to play.

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