Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Hot

This morning, Son #2 refused to eat breakfast.  I had prepared for him a scrumptious bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal.  (His favorite.)  Unfortunately, Son #2 turned up his nose at the site of his breakfast and scurried from the table.  He bounced on the couch and galloped around the coffee table impishly.  "Come eat your food.  It's good."  I gently urged.

Son #2 shook his head firmly.  "Uh uh."

"Sit down.  Eat your food.  Aren't you hungry?"  My husband beseech-ed.

Son #2 turned his head and ran.

Finally, Son #2 came into the dinette area and reached for a bag of cookies.  My brow furrowed.  No way was I going to give him a cookie when he had not eaten breakfast.  My husband was in agreement and said.  "No, Son.  You have to eat your breakfast first."

Son #2 fussed but eventually climbed onto his chair.  My husband offered a bite but Son #2 turned his head.  The spoon danced in front of Son #2's eyes as my husband enticed.  "Take a bite.  It's good.  It's delicious."

"Yum.  So delicious."  I echoed providing my support to the situation.

Son #2 refused.  "It's hot."  It was not hot.

"It's not hot.  See?"  My husband took a bite of the oatmeal and savored the flavor.  "Yum.  So good.  So delicious."

Son #2 could not be convinced.  "No, no.  Hot."  He said with surety.

We finally gave up and let him run around like a chicken in the living room.  He did not get the cookie but eventually he did get hungry enough to finish his breakfast.

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