Sunday, July 7, 2013


This morning, my two boys sat together on the floor watching an episode of Caillou.  Their faces were rapt with anticipation as Caillou practiced whistling with his father.  Their little bodies bent forward studying the whistle.  All of a sudden my boys were inspired and rushed down the hallway to practice their  whistling.

"Dad! Dad!"  Son #1 called out.

"What, son?"  My husband replied.

"Dad! Listen!"  Son #1 pursed his lips together and made a slight whistling sound.

"Nice!"  My husband commented.  "Try it again."

Son #1 pressed his lips to form a small circle and made a small whistling noise.

"Good!  Now press your lips together and make a tighter circle.  Then, you'll be able to make a better whistling sound."  My husband instructed. 

Son #1 did as he was told and succeeded in whistling a little louder.

While my husband instructed our eldest son, Son #2 watched closely.  He studied every movement and facial expression.  You could see him analyzing the way the lips were pressed together and how the whistling sound was formed.  As my husband and eldest son discussed the different tries, they heard a tiny noise.  They looked down and saw Son #2 blowing with all his might.  Son #2 was tweeting a song in his best baby whistle!

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