Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The other afternoon, Son #2 toddled up to me, whimpered a bit, and demanded.  "Ba ba."

I said.  "Oh, you want your sippy, sippy cup.  Let me go get it for you."

Son #2 ran to the refrigerator door and looked at me expectantly.  I carefully opened the door and grabbed the sippy cup and soy milk.  Son #2 peeked inside and fiddled with the humidity buttons.  When I finished filling his cup, I returned the soy milk to its shelf and announced.  "OK.  It's time to close the door." 

Son #2 ran to the other side of the refrigerator door and patted it.  Then, I sang out.  "Close it.  Close it."  Son #2 giggled and babbled something unrecognizable.  Then, we headed toward the sofa. 

Son #2 gazed at his sippy cup with hands outstretched.  "Want that."  He requested.  I scooped him up and gently lay him down with his head on one of the arm rests.  Son #2 reached for his sippy cup and began to drink immediately.  I grabbed a small blanket and covered him.  Just as I was about to walk away, a little hand reached up.  I guessed that he wanted me to hold him for a bit so I began to snuggle him.

Son #2 looked so content drinking from his cup as I stroked his face.  When he was finished with his drink, he held it up in the air and declared.  "All done."  I took the cup and placed it on the lamp table.

 "Go night night."  I whispered. 

Son #2 whispered in return.  "Night night."

I ran my fingers through my baby's hair and rubbed my hand across his eyebrows.  Son #2's eyes began to droop as he relaxed in my arms.  Then, I heard a little noise.  Lo and behold Son #2 was fake snoring.  He opened one eye slightly and snorted.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing!  The little rascal was trying to fool me!  I continued to stroke his hair while he continued to saw pretend logs.  After a while, Son #2 did fall asleep but not before he acted out one final snore.

Son #2 has a pretty good sense of humor.  He is a BIG turkey.  However, there is an even BIGGER turkey that has taught Son #2 the joys of fake snoring.

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