Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chonies in the Toilet

Son #2 is learning to pee pee in the toilet.  When we first started, we would go through 6 underwear a day.  We were wading in pee pee up to our eyeballs.  A few weeks later of consistent or at least semi consistent potty training, Son #2 has gotten the basic idea.  Now he can wear his underwear for most of the day.  Maybe once a day, he'll have an accident.  I am so relieved.  My laundry pile is now beginning to shrink.

Son #2 loves his underwear.  We've nicknamed them "chonies" or in Mexican Spanish slang "chones".  Son #2 gets so excited when  he puts on his chonies after his bath.  He feels like a big boy because he can use the toilet like the rest of us. 

Several days ago, Son #2 had a little accident in his chonies.  We ran to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet to see if we could catch the rest of it.  Son #2 finished peeing in the toilet as we danced around in excitement.

"You did it!  You did it!   You pee peed in the potty!  You did it!  You did it!  You pee peed in the potty!"  We chanted.  I broke out into a faux bass guitar solo while we waved our arms in the air.  Son #2 clapped and cheered.

I had a dry, fresh pair of chonies waiting for my baby as he climbed down from the toilet.  He flushed the toilet and I turned to grab a wet wipe for the seat.  As I was cleaning up the random drops of pee pee, Son #2 grabbed his clean chonies and tossed them into the toilet bowl.  I looked at him with a face full of consternation.

"What in the world?!"  I exclaimed in dismay.

Son #2 babbled an explanation as I retrieved a new pair of underwear.  I got him dressed, washed his tiny hands, and then sent him out to play.  Upon returning to the restroom, I stared at the chonies resting at the bottom of the toilet bowl.  How would I fish them out of the toilet?  I looked around for a few good options but none presented themselves.  That is when I realized I would have to stick my hand in the toilet.  I searched the bathroom once more for a pair of gloves but found none.  Then, I sighed and fished out the chonies from the toilet water.

Now that I've had a few days to ruminate about the experience, I can look at it philosophically.  It is pretty disgusting to pull items out of the toilet with a bare hand.  However, this doesn't EVEN compare to other tales from the Excrement Chronicles.

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