Friday, March 1, 2013

Spaghetti On My Face

The other day, Son #2 sat at the table enjoying a big bowl of spaghetti.  He greedily dug both hands into the noodles and sauce.  Then, he stuffed the handfuls of food into his mouth with gusto.  Pieces of spaghetti flew down from his mouth to the floor, kitchen table, and chair. 

Son #2 turned to me and grinned a sticky, tomato smile.  Then, he attacked his bowl of spaghetti once more.  His tiny hands squished and mushed the pile of noodles.  He giggled and threw the mashed up mess onto the floor.  The squishy spaghetti hit the floor with a loud splat.  He peered at the mess on the floor and chortled with delight. 

Could he make the kitchen any messier?  Could he make himself any messier?  Son #2 was determined to try.  My little baby grabbed fistfuls of spaghetti and smeared it all over his face.  He licked the sauce from his hands and nibbled at the noodles.  Red sauce and noodles streaked his face from his hair line to his chin.  He was definitely a sight to behold.

These pictures are our adventures while eating.  Enjoy!

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