Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poop in the Tub Part Duex

Son #2 was enjoying a lovely bubble bath one fine evening.  A tug boat and several duckies bobbed along in the water.  Son #2 squealed and splashed.  As usual, I sat beside the tub reading a magazine and periodically talking to my little baby.  He crawled on his hands and knees to one side of the tub and began to play with a couple floating rafts.

I perused the articles in the magazine.  Then, I heard a grunting noise.  I glanced at Son #2 and noticed that he was sitting in the water holding a toy.  He grunted again.  I became suspicious.  Was my baby about to POOP in the tub?!

Quickly, I tossed the magazine aside and hoisted Son #2 from the water.  As I did, a large turd began to descend from his bottom toward the pristine bath water.  I shrieked.  "NO, NO, NO!  NOT AGAIN!"

Sadly, it was too late.  Son #2's bottom released the poo like a missile.  It screamed toward earth and landed directly onto the tub deck.

I sighed as I sat Son #2 on his potty. 

My littlest son laughed and clapped with glee. 

I threw up a little in my mouth at the sight of a large turd gleaming on white porcelain.

Thank goodness for powerful disinfectants.

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