Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Brother's Cars

Son #1 has been fascinated with cars since before he could walk.  He has a huge collection and loves to bring them out to the kitchen table to race them.  Son #2 wants to join in but Son #1 is usually very possessive.

One evening while Son #1 was taking a bath, Son #2 crept into the kitchen and spied the pretend race left askew on the table.  He wobbled to the chair and belly-flopped onto the seat.  Slowly, he rose to a standing position.  He lifted a car from the table and eyed it silently. 

Then, his imagination fired up.  He carefully pushed the cars back and forth.  As his game continued, Son #2 became increasingly animated.

Suddenly, tiny car noises erupted from my little baby.  He roared and revved engines as the cars squealed around corners.  Periodically, a crash would occur.

Son #2 was so engrossed in his game that he barely noticed me taking these pictures.  I crept to the bathroom where Son #1 was drying in a towel and said.  "You should see your little brother playing with your cars just like you."

Son #1's eyes brightened and he exclaimed.  "Oh my goodness!  He's trying to be like me and race!"

My two little boys are going to have so much fun growing up together.

P.S.  Please ignore the dates on the pictures.  The dates are wrong.  The time stamp was on but I had to share them anyway.  :)

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